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Make your own unique private label pretzel brand or buy bulk pretzels

We’ve been delivering quality wholesale pretzels and snacks since 1995. We have the people, the products, and the know-how to help your business grow.

Choose from 20+ high-quality pretzel options including unique recipes of: mini pretzels ( plain or seasoned mini pretzels), Hard pretzels, pretzel rods, small or big ring shape pretzels, hard bagels, pretzel pieces, cracknels.

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Together we can create compelling competitive advantages.

Over 20 years, we have been working on our domestic brands, building honesty, trust and quality among people. We are also supplying a lot of our esteemed romanian, asian and european partners under white label or private label brands.

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Types of Pretzels
salted xxl pretzels


Various Flavours
hard ring shape pretzels

Ring Pretzels

Various Flavours
salted pretzel rods

Pretzel Rods

Seasoned Pretzel Rods
broken pretzels

Pretzel Pieces

Broken pretzels pieces
salted mini pretzels

Mini Pretzels

Mini pretzels (plain, salted or seasoned mini pretzels)

Mini Pretzels

Mini Pretzels – salted or seasoned ( honey&mustard, pizza, sour cream onion, garlic butter)
  • Plain, salted or seasoned
  • Flat mini pretzels
  • 2 shapes available

You can have our mini pretzels in 2 shapes : regular mini pretzel shape or flat pretzels. We can adjust and customize recipes, add seeds mix or modern flavors depending on client needs.

Big Pretzels

Golden-baked traditional XXL pretzels
  • Adaptive thickness
  • Traditional or trendy flavours
  • non-GMO pretzels

Freshly baked and golden brown, the same tasty pretzels now in XXL size!

Always delicious, this XXL version of your classic pretzel flavor make the best treat to share with your family and friends.


Ring Pretzels

Small or big ring shape pretzels
  • 20 years tradition in ring pretzel production
  • Natural ingredients
  • With natural & artificial flavor

You can have our ring shape pretzels come in 2 sizes. Customized recipes, many natural and modern flavours available. We have over 20 years trandition in ring pretzel production for our local brands and also for foreign brands.


Pretzel Rods

The right balance between crunch and breadiness.
  • Thick and crunchy
  • Classic pretzel flavor
  • Salted / sweet
  • Great for dipping
  • Perfect on the go snack

The pretzel rods are a very versatile snack. Great for dipping and decorating, you can make chocolate-covered pretzels for the perfect salty/sweet combo, add some cheese dip or enjoy all on their own.

The pretzel rods are low in fat and made from natural ingredients. These hard pretzels are topped with salt, sesame seeds or your favourite seeds mix.

Pretzel Pieces

Your perfect on the go snack
  • Delicious crunch
  • Bite-size pieces
  • With your desired mix of rich and earthy flavors
  •  Lots of different shapes and sizes

Regardless of flavour our pretzel pieces will always deliver that delicious crunch in every lovely bite. You can customize this snack with your desired flavour and you will have a perfect snack to enjoy and sell to your clients.

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White and Private Label

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    Besides from our brands, we manufacture Private Label pretzels for major retail own label brands on Romanian, European and Asian markets.

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    — questions & answers —

    Common Questions

    Some quick info about us and our work

    Who are you?
    We are producing pretzels since 1995 under our romanian brands but also for international retail food brands from Romania, Europe and Asia.
    Can I bring my own recipe?
    Yes, there is the possibility to customize your own product recipe. Depending on the ingredients you want us to use we can work with our own suppliers or you can choose your favorite one.
    What is the shelf life of your products?
    All packaged and bulk products have a “best by” period of 12 months. We try to manufacture only what we will ship in a one month period to make sure you can maximize a product’s shelf life.
    Do you have private-label opportunities?
    We are producing white and private-label pretzels for many years. Some of our larger grocery retailers prefer private-label lines for their premium pretzels. We produce the same fine quality pretzels then bag them in the retailer’s packaging. Call our office or email us to inquire further about private-labeling.
    Do your products contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?
    No, none of our products contains GMOs.
    How long does it take to get my order?
    Depending on the pretzel type and specifications, normally we can deliver at least 20 metric tons of product in a 5 days period.

    Still hesitating?

    Contact us and request some samples!

    European Union Products

    Business oportunities in Romania
    Part of the EU from 2007, Romania became the second cereal producer and exporter having a long time tradition in Bakery industry.

    With vast natural and energy resources, cheap labour force, good geopolitical position and top agricultural production to benefit from, many romanian companies rapidly developed and became trusted business partners for companies around the World.

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